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Staff - Entomological Department

This is a list of all staff members of the Entomological Department of the Zoological Museum, the Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen

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The Entomological Department
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The Invertebrate Department

All staff members at SNM

All staff members at the Zoological Museum

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Brunke, AdamPhD student Coleoptera-Staphylinidae +45 353-21022E-mail
Buenaventura Ruiz, Ingrid ElianaPhD student Diptera-Sarcophagidae +45 353-21098E-mail
Cheung, David Koon-BongAssistant Curator Diptera and other orders, scanning microscopes +45 353-21019E-mail
Enghoff, HenrikProfessor, Curator Myriapoda, Heteroptera; DanBIF, SYNTHESYS +45 353-21067E-mail
Karsholt, OleAssistant Curator Lepidoptera and other orders +45 353-21111E-mail
Kristensen, Niels PederProfessor Emeritus Lepidoptera, homopterans, Hexapoda in general +45 353-21113E-mail
Michelsen, VernerGuest researcher Diptera +45 353-21105E-mail
Pape, ThomasAssociate Professor, Curator Diptera, Head of Entomology +45 353-21106E-mail
Pedersen, JanAssistant Curator Araneae +45 353-21108E-mail
Scharff, NikolajAssociate Professor, Curator Arachnida, Head of Collections +45 353-21107E-mail
Solodovnikov, AlexeyAssociate Professor, Curator Coleoptera +45 353-21109E-mail
Vilhelmsen, LarsAssociate Professor, Curator Hymenoptera +45 353-21110E-mail