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The library is an institute library at the University of Copenhagen . It is the main library for systematic zoology, systematic taxonomy, faunistics and zoogeography.

The library was founded in 1770 as a reference library for scientists at the Zoological Museum when The Royal Collections and the Collections of the University were united.

The library has about 15.000 monographs and 750 periodicals. They are placed in 9 departmental libraries holding books and journals about certain groups af animals, such as mammals, birds, etc. and in the main library holding general books and journals which can not be placed in a departmental library.

In addition, the library has five special collections:

·  A historical collection related to the history and theory of biology
·  Scientific archives with letters, notes, records etc. on Danish zoology and zoologists
·  A collection of old, rare and richly illustrated books
·  A collection of about 160.000 reprints
·  A collection of original drawings related to zoology.

A part of the main mibrary is a reading room with a collection of reference books and encyclopedias. New books, journals, reprints, etc. are presented here.

At the main mibrary there is access to REX, databases at The Royal Library, Copenhagen University Library, Netpunkt, the Internet etc.

The library is mainly for the use of the scientists and graduate students at the Zoological Museum, but the library also is obligated to provide access to the public.

There is no public admittance to the library.

All loans are arranged through Copenhagen University Library North (KUB Nord) with which the library has had a cooperation agreement since 1939.

All books and journals at the Zoological Museum are registred in the catalogues and databases at KUB Nord.