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The zoological collections contain some 10 million specimens representing an estimated 10% of the named multicellular animal species. Apart from the rich collections of Danish animals, our particular strengths are collections from the arctic (especially Greenland); the deep-sea fauna; animals from the Philippine, Bismarck and Solomon Islands; whale skeletons; South American Quaternary mammal fossils; insects (particularly Lepidoptera) from temperate South America; amphibians, reptiles and terrestrial arthropods from East Africa; and the three recent phyla Loricifera, Cycliophora and Micrognathozoa. The collections are rich in type specimens, including many old and frequently requested types, e.g. ca. 8,000 types of insects described by I.C. Fabricius around year 1800. A rapidly growing resource is our tissue collections for DNA analysis, esp. birds (3,000 species!) and African mammals.