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The Entomological Collections

The entomological collections include insects and other terrestrial arthropods: myriapods and arachnids (but not terrestrial crustaceans).
The collections include more than 3.5 million pinned insects plus a similar number of alcohol-preserved specimens; they thus range among the largest in Europe. 
The number of identified species in the collections totals about 100,000, i.e., about 10% of the described species. There are about 10,500 primary types. 



All regions of the World are covered, but some areas are particularly well-represented. This is true of Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland for all groups; of the Philippine and Bismarck Islands for most insects groups (the "Noona Dan" Expedition 1961-62); and of further geographical areas for particular groups as specified below. Important acquisitions are due to recent collecting efforts by staff members in Denmark, Greenland, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, South India, Thailand, Tanzania, Australia and southern Argentina/Chile. A large proportion of the holdings (in particular but not exclusively Danish Lepidoptera and Coleoptera) derive from amateurs' collections which have been donated to the Museum.