About the Zoological Museum

The Zoological Museum is part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen.

In the exhibition halls, you can experience how the fauna changes as you travel from the North Pole to the South Pole. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about Danish fauna since the Ice Age, wonder at the animals of the great oceans, and get a glimpse of small, but important curiosities from the natural world. The temporary exhibitions might surprise you, as they uncover on-going research on natural science, and zoology in particular.

As a research-based institution, the Zoological Museum holds unique collections of multicellular animals, which provide a basis for various, international research projects.

The overall research covers three different scientific fields: Vertebrates and Quaternary Zoology, Invertebrates (not including insects, myriapods and arachnids), and Entomology.

In collaboration with the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen, the reseachers at the museum take part in the teaching and supervison of advanced master students, (MSc students) and PhD students.