Steenstrupia is the scientific "house-journal" of the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen (ZMUC).
The journal primarily serves the publication of articles on systematic/evolutionary zoology and zoogeography by staff members and research associates of the ZMUC. Contributions from other authors may be accepted if based substantially on the ZMUC Collection.
Manuscripts must be written in English (see Instructions to Authors).

Vols 1-20 (1970-1994) of Steenstrupia were published as separate single articles.
Starting with vol. 21 (1995) Steenstrupia has been published as two multi-article issues per volume. 
Starting with vol. 27 (2) (2003) all papers published in Steenstrupia can be downloaded from this site as pdf-files. See contents of early volumes.

Simple systematic index of all papers published in Steenstrupia, ordered by major animal taxa.


Editorial board

Danny Eibye-Jacobsen (Managing Editor)

Ole S. Tendal (Invertebrates excl. Entomology)

Lars Vilhelmsen (Entomology)