Contents of early volumes of Steenstrupia

List complete up to and including Vol. 31 (2).
Content of Vol. 27(2) and subsequent volumes are available as pdf-files.


Vol.1 (1970-71) [pp. 1-105 = 1970]

Madsen, F. Jensenius. Remarks on Swiftia rosea (Grieg) and related species (Coelenterata, Gorgonaria). Pp. 1-10.

Bresciani, J. A new Cholydia from the mantle cavity of a cephalopod (Crustacea, Harpacticoidea, Tisbidae). Pp. 11-16.

Goodyear, R. H. A new species of Ataxolepis, a bathypelagic fish from the Gulf of Panama (Pisces, Lampridiformes, Megalomycteridae). Pp. 17-20.

Laville, H. Some Chironomidae (excl. Diamesinae) from Southern Spain (Insecta, Diptera). Pp. 21-23.

Serra-Tosio, B. Some Diamesinae from Southern Spain (Insecta, Diptera, Chironomidae). Pp. 25-27.

Lyneborg, L. Some Muscidae from Southern Spain, with descriptions of six new species (Instecta Diptera). Pp. 29-54.

ten Hove, H. A. Additional notes on the polychaetes of the Iranian Gulf (Annelida, Polychaeta, Serpulidae). Pp. 55-60.

Fennah, R. G. The Tropiduchidae collected by the Noona Dan Expedition in the Philippines and the Bismarck Archipelago (Insecta, Homoptera, Fulgoroidea). Pp. 61-82.

Puthz, V. Die Steninae der Noona Dan Expedition nach den Philippinen und Bismarck Inseln (Insecta, Coleoptera, Staphylinidae). Pp. 83-90.

van Lith, J. P. The Psenini collected by the Noona Dan Expedition in the Philippine and Bismarck Islands (Insecta, Hymenoptera, Sphecidae). Pp. 91-105.

Pecina, P. Some Bibionidae from Southern Spain (Insecta, Diptera). Pp. 107-114.

Hald-Mortensen, P. A collection of birds from Liberia and Guinea (Aves). Pp. 115-125.

Chvála, M. A third Palaearctic species of Drapetis subgenus Elaphropeza, from Sicily (Insecta, Diptera, Empididae). Pp. 127-130.

Delfinado, M. D. Some Simuliidae and Curtonotidae from the Philippines and the Bismarck Islands (Insecta, Diptera). Pp. 131-139.

Bowden, J. Some Bombyliidae from Afghanistan (Insecta, Diptera). Pp. 141-143.

von Schedl, K. E. Scolytidae und Platypodidae aus dem Zoologischen Museum der Universität in Kopenhagen (Insecta, Coleoptera). Pp. 145-156.

Paclt, J. Some Thysanura collected in the Philippines, Bismarck and Solomon Islands (Insecta). Pp. 157-160.

von Scheerpeltz, O. Resultate der dänischen Expedition nach Kamerun (1949-1950). 32. Coleoptera, Staphylinidae (Insecta). Pp. 161-200.

Hallas, T. E. Notes on the marine Hypsibius stenostomus-complex, with a description of a new species (Tardigrada, Macrobiotidae). Pp. 201-206.

Nalbant, T. T. On butterfly fishes from the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans (Pisces, Perciformes, Chaetodontidae). Pp. 207-228.

Petersen, E. Torp. Some Syrphidae from Spain, with descriptions of two new species (Insecta, Diptera). Pp. 229-245.

Löbl, I. Scaphididae der Noona Dan Expedition nach den Philippinen und Bismarck Inseln (Insecta, Coleoptera). Pp. 247-253.

Bousfield, E. L. Amphipoda of the Bismarck Archipelago and adjacent Indo-Pacific islands (Crustacea). Pp. 255-293.

Bowden, J. Notes on some Australian Bombyliidae in the Zoological Museum, Copenhagen (Insecta, Diptera). Pp. 295-307.

Bowden, J. The Bombyliidae collected by the Noona Dan Expedition in the Philippine and Bismarck Islands (Insecta, Diptera). Pp. 309-322.


Vol. 2 (1971-72) [pp. 1-47 = 1971]

Fischer, M. Die Opiinae der Noona Dan Expedition nach den Philippinen und Bismarck-Inseln und Redeskription von Opius dissitus aus Hawaii (Insecta, Hymenoptera, Braconidae). Pp. 1-25.

von Salvini-Plawen, L. Die nordatlantischen Caudofoveata des Zoologischen Museums zu Kopenhagen (Mollusca, Aculifera). Pp. 27-34.

Tendal, O. S. The hydrozoan nature of Cryptospongia enigmatica Burton (Porifera, Keratosa). Pp. 35-37.

Johnson, C. Some Ptiliidae from the Philippine, Bismarck and Solomon Islands (Insecta, Coleoptera). Pp. 39-47.

Griffin, D. J. G. Brachyura collected by Danish expeditions in south-eastern Australia (Crustacea, Decapoda). Pp. 49-90.

Spencer, K. A. Agromyzidae from Southern Spain (Insecta, Diptera). Pp. 91-104.

Bourdon, R. Epicaridea de Java, Ile Maurice et Afrique du Sud (Crustacea, Isopoda). Pp. 105-119.

McFadden, M. W. Lectotype designations for Mexican soldier flies located in European collections (Insecta, Diptera, Stratiomyidae). Pp. 121-126.

Stephenson, W. Portunid crabs from the Indo-West-Pacific and Western America in the Zoological Museum, Copenhagen (Decapoda, Brachyura, Portunidae). Pp. 127-156.

Kramp, P. L. & P. Blanner. Atollidae in the Zoological Museum of Copenhagen (Coelenterata, Scyphomedusae). Pp. 157-165.

Voss, E. Einige Rüsselkäfer der Tertiärzeit aus Baltischem Bernstein (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea). Pp. 167-181.

Salomonsen, F. New pigeons from the Bismarck Archipelago (Aves, Columbidae). Pp. 183-189.

Pont, A. C. A new species of Coenosia Meigen from Southern Spain (Insecta, Diptera, Muscidae). Pp. 191-196.

Peterson, P. C. The feather mite family Alloptidae Gaud. III - The Echinacarinae, new subfamily (Acarina, Analgoidea). Pp. 197-205.

Turner, R. D. & W. J. Clench. Land and freshwater snails of Savo Island, Solomons, with anatomical descriptions (Mollusca, Gastropoda). Pp. 207-232.

Lützen, J. Records of parasitic gastropods from crinoids, with description of a new genus, Goodingia (Gastropoda, Prosobranchia). Pp. 233-246.

Heie, O. E. Some new fossil aphids from Baltic amber in the Copenhagen Collection (Insecta, Homoptera, Aphididae). Pp. 247-262.

Delève, J. Ptilodactylidae des Iles Philippines et de l'Archipel Bismarck (Insecta, Coleoptera, Dryopoidea). Pp. 263-294.

Heegaard, P. Caliginae and Euryphorinae of the Dana Expedition (Crustacea, Copepoda, Caligidae). Pp. 295-317.


Vol. 3 (1973-75) [pp. 1-92 = 1973; pp. 93-186 = 1974]

Jensen, O. The Sphingidae of the Noona Dan Expedition to the Philippine, Bismarck and Solomon Islands (Insecta, Lepidoptera). Pp. 1-10.

Ramamurthi, B. N. Dermaptera from Thailand, with descriptions of three new species (Insecta, Dermaptera). Pp. 11-16.

Delève, J. Limnichidae, Dryopidae et Elminthidae des Iles Philippines et de l'Archipel Bismarck (Insecta, Coleoptera, Dryopoidea). Pp. 17-30.

Thomé, J. W. Erneute Beschribung neotropischer Veronicellidae-Typen (Mollusca, Gastropoda). VI. Arten aus der Sammlung des Universitetets Zoologiske Museum in Kopenhagen, Dänemark. Pp. 31-50.

Lyneborg, L. On some Chyromyridae from Southern Spain, with description of three new species of Aphaniosoma (Insecta, Diptera). Pp. 51-56.

Vaillant, F. & M. Chvála. Empididae Hemerodromiinae from Spain (Insecta, Diptera). Pp. 57-64.

Bertelsen, E. A new species of deep-sea angler fish, Linophryne sexfilis (Pisces, Ceratioidea). Pp. 65-69.

Nielsen, J. G. & D. M. Cohen. A review of the viviparous ophidioid fishes of the genera Bythites Reinhardt and Abythites new (Pisces, Ophidioidei). Pp. 71-88.

Røen, U. Rhynchotalona kistarae sp. n. from South Greenland (Crustacea, Cladocera, Chydoridae, Aloninae). Pp. 89-92.

Just, J. On Palaeogammarus Zaddach, 1864, with a description of a new species from western Baltic amber (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Crangonycidae). Pp. 93-100.

Manning, R. B. Stomatopods collected by Th. Mortensen in the Eastern Pacific region (Crustacea, Stomatopoda). Pp. 101-109.

Lieftinck, M. A. Dragonflies collected by the Noona Dan Expedition in the southwestern Philippine Islands (Insecta, Odonata). Pp. 111-147.

Millar, R. H. A new ascidian from Iceland (Tunicata, Ascidiacea). Pp. 149-151.

Sasakawa, M. Clusiidae from the Philippine and Bismarck Islands (Insecta, Diptera). Pp. 153-162.

Ôhira, H. Elateridae from the Philippines collected by the Noona Dan Expedition (Insecta, Coleoptera). Pp. 163-178.

Nielsen, J. G. Aphyonus bolini, a new deep sea fish from the South China Sea (Pisces, Ophidioidei, Aphyonidae). Pp. 179-182.

Wium-Andersen, G. A systematic examination of a Biomphalaria species from Namibia by means of esterase electrophoresis (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Planorbidae). Pp. 183-186.

Hammer, M. On some oribatids from Central Sahara (Acari, Oribatidae). Pp. 187-196.

Rohdendorf, B. B. Some Sarcophagidae from Southern Spain. Pp. 197-204.

Millar, R. H. Ascidians from the Indo-West-Pacific region in the Zoological Museum, Copenhagen (Tunicata, Ascidiacea). Pp. 205-336.


Vol. 4 (1976-78) [pp. 1-120 = 1976; pp. 121-209 = 1977]

Smith, D. G. & J. G. Nielsen. Preliminary note on sexual dimorphism in the Nemichthyidae and the identity of Avocettinops and Paravocettinops (Pisces, Anguilliformes). Pp. 1-5.

Bertelsen, E. Records of parasitic males in three species of Linophryne (Pisces, Ceratoidea). Pp. 7-18.

James, M. T. & H. Kurahashi. Blow flies of the genus Onesia from the Bismarck Islands (Insecta, Diptera, Calliphoridae). Pp. 19-22.

Brignoli, P. M. Spiders from Melanesia II. A new Apiacera from the Bismarck Islands (Araneae, Ochyroceratidae). Pp. 23-26.

Kristensen, N. P. A redescription of the male genital morphology of Paramartyria immaculatella (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Micropterigidae). Pp. 27-32.

Tsuneki, K. Sphecoidea taken by the Noona Dan Expedition in the Philippine Islands (Insecta, Hymenoptera). Pp. 33-120.

Atyeo, W. T. & J. Gaud. A new dermatophagoidine mite from Ecuador (Acarina, Pyroglyphidae). Pp. 121-124.

Soika, A. G. Results from the Danish Expedition to the Cameroons 1949-1950. 33. Hymenoptera, Vespidae and Eumenidae (Insecta). Pp. 125-129.

Just, J. A new genus and species of corophiid Amphipoda from pteropod shells of the bathyal western Atlantic, with notes on related genera (Crustacea). Pp. 131-138.

Jelnes, J. E. An electrophoretic character useful in the distinction between Bulinus tropicus and B. permembranaceus (Gastropoda, Planorbidae). Pp. 139-141.

Salomonsen, F. The Thicket Flycatcher (Muscicapa hyperythra Blyth) in Palawan, with notes on other Philippine mountain flycatchers (Aves, Muscicapidae). Pp. 143-150.

Cutler, E. B. Shallow water sipunculans collected by the Galathea Expedition (Sipuncula). Pp. 151-155.

Ho, Ju-Shey. Parasitic copepods of the family Chondracanthidae from fishes of the south-eastern Pacific (Crustacea, Copepoda). Pp. 157-165.

Bourdon, R. Sur un nouveau genre de Bopyridae parasite des Thalassinides (Crustacea, Isopoda, Epicaridea). Pp. 167-170.

Richardson, L. R. Sibdella solomoni Richardson, a 5-annulate domanibdelline land-leech from New Britain (Hirudinea, Haemadipsoidea, Domanibdellidae). Pp. 171-177.

Lu, C. C. A new species of squid, Chiroteuthis acanthoderma, from the Southwest Pacific (Cephalopoda, Chiroteuthidae). Pp. 179-188.

Peterson, P. C. & W. T. Atyeo. A new genus and species of alloptine feather mite from the roseate spoonbill (Acarina, Analgoidea, Alloptidae). Pp. 189-193.

Ackland, D. M. Some Anthomyiidae from Southern Spain, with descriptions of two new species (Insecta, Diptera). Pp. 195-209.

Andersen, N. Møller. A new family of semiaquatic bugs for Paraphrynovelia Poisson with a cladistic analysis of relationships (Insecta, Hemiptera, Gerromorpha). Pp. 211-225.

Hedqvist, K-J. Some Chalcidoidea collected in the Philippine, Bismarck and Solomon Islands, 2. Eucharitidae, with keys and check-lists to Indo-Australian genera (Insecta, Hymenoptera). Pp. 227-248.

Kensley, B. Decapod crustaceans collected in southern African waters by the Th. Mortensen Java-South Africa Expedition (Crustacea, Decapoda). Pp. 249-261.


Vol. 5 (1978-79) [pp. 1-67 = 1978]

Kristensen, N. P. Observations on Anomoses hylecoetes (Anomosetidae), with a key to the hepialoid families (Insecta: Lepidoptera). Pp. 1-19.

Millar, R. H. Cnemidocarpa lemchei, a new species of deep sea ascidian (Ascidiacea). Pp. 21-24.

Bertelsen, E. Notes on Linophrynids IV: A new species of deepsea anglerfish of the genus Linophryne and the first record of a parasitic male in Linophryne corymbifera (Pisces, Ceratioidei). Pp. 25-32.

Hansen, B. Scotothuria herringi, a new genus and species of bathypelagic holothurians (Holothurioidea, Aspidochirota, Synallactidae). Pp. 33-39.

Mauriès, J-P. Une nouvelle espèce de Metopidiothricidae de l'Archipel Bismarck (Diplopoda, Craspedosomida, Chordeumidea). Pp. 41-49.

Bouillon, J. Sur un nouveau genre et une nouvelle espèce de Ptilocodiidae Hydrichthelloides reticulata et la super-famille des Hydractinoidea (Hydroida-Athecata). Pp. 53-67.

Kristensen, N. P. & E. S. Nielsen. A new subfamily of microptreigid moths from South America. A contribution to the morphology and phylogeny of the Micropterigidae, with a generic catalogue of the family (Lepidoptera: Zeugloptera). Pp. 69-147.

Enghoff, H. A new genus and species of the millipede family Nemasomatidae (Diplopoda, Julida). Pp. 149-159.

Enghoff, H. The milipede genus Okeanobates (Diplopoda, Julida: Nemasomatidae). Pp. 161-178.

Michelsen, V. Notes on the identity and type-material of the Anthomyiidae, Fanniidae, and Muscidae (Diptera) described by J. C. Fabricius. Pp. 181-196.

van Soest, R. W. M. Revised classification of the order Pyrosomatida (Tunicata, Thaliacea), with the description of a new genus. Pp. 197-217.


Vol. 6 (1980)

Stock, J. H. Anoplodactylus xenus n. sp. (Pycnogonida), a new species from New Zealand confused with A. haswelli (Flynn, 1918). Pp. 1-4.

Brignoli, P. M. Two new Haplogynae from Thailand (Araneae). Pp. 5-8.

Kirkegaard, J. B. Fresh and brackish-water polychaetes from Barbados, W. I. Pp. 9-13.

Nielsen, J. G. Holcomycteronus Garman, 1899: An ophidiid genus distinct from Bassogigas Goode & Bean, 1896 (Pisces, Ophidiiformes). Pp. 17-20.

Knudsen, J. Mytilus edulis L. (Bivalvia) recorded from South Africa. Pp. 21-26.

Bertelsen, E. Notes on Linophrynidae V: A revision of the deepsea anglerfishes of the Linophryne arborifera-group (Pisces, Ceratioidei). Pp. 29- 70.

Kristensen, T. K. Large mature female of Histioteuthis bonnellii (Férussac, 1835) (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) recorded from the Davis Strait, West Greenland. Pp. 73-79.

Kirkegaard, J. B. & D. Billett. Eunoë laetmogonensis, a new species of polynoid worm, commensal with the bathyal holothurian Laetmogone violacea, in the North-East Atlantic. Pp. 101-109.

Andersen, N. Møller. Hygropetric water striders of the genus Onychotrechus Kirkaldy with description of a related genus (Insecta, Hemiptera, Gerridae). Pp. 113-146.

Nielsen, J. G. & J-C. Hureau. Revision of the ophidiid genus Spectrunculus Jordan & Thompson, 1914, a senior synonym of Parabassogigas Nybelin, 1957 (Pisces, Ophidiiformes). Pp. 149-169.

Fischer, M. Opius mudigerensis n. sp., eine neue Braconide aus Indien (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Opiinae). Pp. 173-176.

Jelnes, J. E. Experimental taxonomy of Bulinus (Gastropoda: Planorbidae) - III. Electrophoretic observations on Bulinus forskalii, B. browni, B. barthi and B. scalaris from East Africa, with additional electrophoretic data on the subgenus Bulinus sensu stricto from other parts of Africa. Pp. 177-193.

Just, J. Polar Sea abyssal and deep bathyal Isopoda (Crustacea). Pp. 197-230.

Bertelsen, E. Notes on Linophrynidae VI: A new species of deepsea anglerfish of the genus Linophryne with notes on other Linophryne species with multi-stemmed barbels (Pisces, Ceratioidei). Pp. 233-249.

Davis, D. R. & E. S. Nielsen. Description of a new genus and two new species of Neopseustidae from South America, with discussion of phylogeny and biological observations (Lepidoptera: Neopseustoidea). Pp. 253-289.

Roeleveld, M. & J. Knudsen. Japetus Steenstrup: On the Merman (called the Sea Monk) caught in the Øresund in the time of King Christian III. Pp. 293-332.


Vol. 7 (1981)

Bertelsen, E. Notes on Linophrynidae VII: New records of the deepsea anglerfish Linophryne indica (Brauer, 1902), a senior synonym for Liophryne corymbifera Regan and Trewavas, 1932 (Pisces, Ceratioidei). Pp. 1-14.

Christiansen, J. & J. C. Thomsen. Styela clava Herdman, 1882, a species new to the Danish fauna (Tunicata, Ascidiacea). Pp. 15-24.

Nielsen, E. S. & D. R. Davis. A revision of the Neotropical Incurvariidae s. str., with the description of two new genera and two new species (Lepidoptera: Incurvarioidea). Pp. 25-57.

Kristensen, T. K. The genus Gonatus Gray, 1849 (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) in the North Atlantic. A revision of the North Atlantic species and description of Gonatus steenstrupi n. sp. Pp. 61-99.

Kristensen, T. K. First record of a mature female of the squid Gonatus fabricii (Lichtenstein, 1818) (Cephalopoda: Teuthoidea). Pp. 101-108.

Chvála, M. Empididae (Insecta: Diptera) from Southern Spain, with descriptions of twenty new species and notes on Spanish fauna. Pp. 113-177.

Hoffman, R. L. Studies on siroboloid millipeds. XIV. Notes on the family Pseudospirobolellidae, and the description of a new genus and species from Thailand. Pp. 181-190.

Bonadona, P. Anthicidae inédits (Coleoptera) des Iles Philippines et l'Archipel Bismarck (Insecta, Coleoptera). Pp. 193-212.

Grasshoff, M. Gorgonaria und Pennatularia (Cnidaria: Anthozoa) vom Mittelatlantischen Rücken SW der Azoren. Pp. 213-230.

Bouillon, J. A new species of the genus Eutiara, Eutiara russelli n. sp. (Anthomedusae, Hydrozoa, Cnidaria). Pp. 233-236.

Fjeldså, J. Podiceps taczanowskii (Aves, Podicipedidae), the endemic grebe of Lake Junín, Peru. A review. Pp. 237-259.

Kirkegaard, J. B. Polychaetes from Saint Paul's Rocks, Central Atlantic. Pp. 261-266.

Haig, J. Porcellanid crabs from the Indo-West Pacific, part II. Pp. 269-291.

Andersen, O. G. Norden. Redescription of Marrus orthocanna (Kramp, 1942) (Cnidaria, Siphonophora). Pp. 293-307.

Madsen, F. Jensenius. Records of a porcellanasterid, Styracaster elongatus (Echinodermata, Asteroidea), from the Caribbean, with remarks on growth and notes on some other species of the genus. Pp. 309-319.

Røen, U. Studies on freshwater Entomostraca in Greenland V. The fauna of the Hazen Camp study area, Ellesmere Island, N.W.T., Canada, compared to that of the Thule area, Greenland. Pp. 321-335.


Vol. 8 (1982-83) [pp. 1-276 = 1982]

Fjeldså, J. Biology and systematic relations of the Andean coot "Fulica americana ardesiaca" (Aves, Rallidae). Pp. 1-21.

Pont, A. C. The Muscoidea described by Moses Harris (Diptera: Fanniidae, Scathophagidae, Anthomyiidae, Muscidae). Pp. 25-46.

Bertelsen, E. Notes on Linophrynidae VIII. A review of the genus Linophryne, with new records and descriptions of two new species. Pp. 49-104.

Dear, J. P. & R. W. Crosskey. A taxonomic review of the Tachinidae (Insecta, Diptera) of the Philippines. Pp. 105-155.

Manning, R. B. A redescription of Cancer sexpes Fabricius, 1798 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Hexapodidae). Pp. 157-161.

Mauriès, J-P. Une famillie nouvelle et deux genres nouveaux de Cleidogonoidea, avec notes sur la classification de la superfamille (Diplopoda, Craspedosomida). Pp. 165-176.

Mauriès, J-P. Une espèce nouvelle du genre Lankasoma (Diplopoda, Crspedosomida, Lankasomidae), avec notes sur quelques Chordeumida récemment décrits. Pp. 177-180.

Suzuki, S. Contributions to the taxonomy and zoogeography of the Opiliones of the Philippines, Bismarck and Solomon Islands. With an appendix on some related species from the Moluccas and Sumatra. Pp. 181-225.

Tuxen, S L. & Yin Wen-ying. A revised classification of the genera of Protentomidae (Insecta: Protura) with description of a new genus and a new species. Pp. 229-249.

Kirkegaard, J. B. New records of abyssal benthic polychaetes from the Polar Sea. Pp. 253-260.

Schiøtz, A. On two Afrixalus (Anura) from Central Zaire. Pp. 261-265.

Schiøtz, A. Two new Hyperolius (Anura) from Tanzania. Pp. 269-276.

Fjeldså, J. A Black Rail from Junín, Central Peru: Laterallus jamaicensis tuerosi ssp. n. (Aves, Rallidae). Pp. 277-282.

Fjeldså, J. Vertebrates of the Junín Area, Central Peru. Pp. 285-298.

Bratcher, T. Terebra knudseni sp. n. from North Borneo (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Terebridae). Pp. 301-305.

Bertelsen, E. First records of metamorphosed males of the families Diceratiidae and Centrophrynidae (Pisces: Ceratioidei). Pp. 309-315.

Brown, W. C. A new species of Emoia Reptilia, Sauria, (Scincidae) from New Britain. Pp. 317-324.


Vol. 9 (1982-83) [pp. 1-25 = 1982]

Andersen, N. Møller. Semiterrestrial water striders of the genera Eotrechus Kirkaldy and Chimarrhometra Bianchi (Insecta, Hemiptera, Gerridae). Pp. 1-25.

Madsen, F. Jensenius. A review of the Ophioleucinae stat. rev. (Echinodermata, Ophiuroidea) with the erection of a new genus, Ophiostriatus. Pp. 29-69.

van Achterberg, C. Notes on the Fabrician types of Palaearctic Tiphiinae (Insecta, Hymenoptera, Tiphiidae). Pp. 73-74.

Lyneborg, L. The West Mediterranean genus Chrysanthemyia Becker (Insecta, Diptera, Therevidae). Pp. 77-82.

Lomholdt, O. A revision of Sphodrotes Kohl, 1889 (Hymenoptera, Sphecoidea, Larridae). Pp. 85-116.

Just, J. Siphonoecetinae subfam. n. (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Corophiidae) 1: Classification. Pp. 117-135.

Enghoff, H. Acipes - a Macaronesian genus of millipedes (Diplopoda, Julida, Blaniulidae). Pp. 137-179.

Lyneborg, L. A review of the Palaearctic genera of Phycinae (Insecta, Diptera, Therevidae). Pp. 181-205.

Fjeldså, J. Systematic and biological notes on the Colombian Coot Fulica americana columbiana (Aves, Rallidae). Pp. 209-215.

Kristensen, T. K. & J. Knudsen. A catalogue of the type specimens of Cephalopoda (Mollusca) in the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen. Pp. 217-227.


Vol 10 (1984)

Andersen, N. C. Genera and subfamilies of the family Nototheniidae (Pisces, Perciformes) from the Antarctic and Subantarctic. Pp. 1-34.

Just, J. Siphonoecetinae (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Corophiidae) 2: Caribboecetes Just, 1983, with description of six new species. Pp. 37-64.

Polhemus, J. T. & N. Møller Andersen. A revision of Amemboa Esaki with notes on the phylogeny and ecological evolution of eotrechine water striders (Insecta, Hemiptera, Gerridae). Pp. 65-111.

Kristensen, N. P. The pregenital abdomen of the Zeugloptera (Lepidoptera). Pp. 113-136.

Kristensen, N. P. Studies on the morphology and systematics of primitive Lepidoptera (Insecta). Pp. 141-191.

Enghoff, H. Revision of the millipede genus Choneiulus (Diplopoda, Julida, Blaniulidae). Pp. 193-203.

Lyneborg, L. Ammothereva, a new Palaearctic genus of Therevidae, with a review of the 13 included species (Insecta, Diptera). Pp. 205-222.

Just, J. Siphonoecetinae (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Corophiidae) 3: Concholestes Giles, 1888 and Africoecetes Just, 1983. Pp. 225-234.


Vol. 11 (1985)

Povolný, D. Gnorimoschemini of southern South America I: the scrobipalpoid genera (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae). Pp. 1-36.

Michelsen, V. A revision of the Anthomyiidae (Diptera) described by J. W. Zetterstedt. Pp. 37-65.

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